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If you answer your own email, listen to your own calls, issue your own refunds, handle your own customer service -- you're killing your business!

Dear Internet Friend,

If you're working IN your business not ON your business, you're putting your time and energy into tasks you absolutely, positively shouldn't be doing.

Smarten up now -- or die!

There's only way I know of to liberate yourself.

Virtual workers are a Godsend.

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Without my assistant Lisa, I'd go totally crazy. My friends will tell you I'm already half crazy!

Lisa handles refunds for me, screens my emails, takes care of customer service, screens my calls for me, manages projects, does graphic design, and does many other things.

I swear, she must wear 10 hats! She's a master of customer service. Phenomenal. Just phenomenal.

Yet, I've never met her. She's in Canada. I'm in Texas. She gets a whopping exchange rate "bonus" every paycheck because of that. I love it! She loves it!

That's just one reason I use virtual workers. Now, there's nothing wrong with hiring people locally. And the breakthrough I'm about to share with you can help with that also.

But first, hear me out.

You see, it isn't just me who feels this way. I have a friend in another country who's only 21. He tells me he makes $40,000+ per month in his Internet business (Who says dot com's are dead? They were just overstaffed, poorly managed, and lacking a revenue model.)

He has several virtual employees in Canada and other countries. I believe that in my cases, it's simpler and easier to hire someone in another city, state or country to do tasks in your business.

In fact, I believe that so much, here's the idea I came up with. I decided to give you the best possible gift I could think of --

In short, TO CLONE LISA. To give you a clone of my top notch, crackerjack, customer service person.

So what I want to do is show you how to clone Lisa and have your own "Lisa." I want to show you step-by-step the exact methods and procedures she follows to run my business, wear many hats, and most importantly -- FREE UP MY TIME to work on more important things like marketing and new product development. Things in my busines that only I can do.

Lisa follows a systematic routine every day. That's the only way she can get it all done without going stir crazy.

So one month, I had her document everything she did during the day. Step-by-step. Exactly, precisely, what she does and how she does it.

Then I had Lisa put together the ultimate "Lisa cloning manual."

The manual gives you screen captures of all the important tasks and functions she does, so it's easy for you or your virtual worker to learn the correct procedures.

This thing is like your passport to liberation. It frees you from the grunge of your business, so you have time to focus on the really important things.

If you don't have time to do that, you don't own your business. It owns you. And the only way you can pull this off in my opinion is with systems and procedures.

You can, of course, try to reinvent the wheel. But why? It's cheaper, faster and much, much easier to get the one we worked, sweated and slaved over.

Plus, you get the benefit of all our experience.

90% of the information in the manual applies to any business model. Ten percent of the data is unique to a business like ours that sells access to a membership or download area.

With our Gold Upgrade option, you have the right to customize the manual for your own training purposes. That way you can remove or alter the few things that are different in your business.

Here are the topics covered:

How to give your customers an ICQ communication panel for customer service.

The 7 words you must add to your ICQ panel or suffer the consequences.

How to filter out junk ICQ.

How to make your ICQ program interface smoothly with your email program (and why you want to do so).

How to set up an electronic note system that makes your life a lot easier.

The single best customer service software program you can own. (It's not what you think).

The software program that lets you "see" what the customer sees. When you move your mouse on your system, it moves on the customers computer. Great for customer support.

Screen shots that explain how to use our #1 most important customer service program. When your customer service person reads this, they'll immediately be up to speed and productive.

What we do every morning at 6:20 a.m.

Why you should never used a web-based email address for your customer support.

How we zip through our email to zap spam fast.

Examples of how to craft efficient customer service emails. Give your support staff the right training. You and/or your support staff need to know these elements.

Why we obtain a weekly report from our autoresponder service and how we use it.

Tricks we use with our email management program. With a little tweaking or creativity, you can use most all of these methods with whatever program you use.

How we handle and avoid (with rare exceptions) email virus problems.

How we set up our email filters to save a ton of time. Complete screen captures that show what we do. You or your staff can look at these and immediately see what to do and how to do it.

The seven customer service notebooks we use in our business. What they are and how to use them.

Exactly how we manage the flow of voice mail messages so that I do not personally have to listen to or respond to most of them. Get your assistant to do these tasks.

How we organize and manage refunds. They aren't fun but they have to be done in an efficient and timely manner with proper records. You get our complete protocol.

What we do every day to lower and prevent needless chargebacks that can land you on the dreaded terminated merchant list.

How we handle and resolve duplicate purchases (an unfortunate side effect of real time credit card processing).

Our system for retrieving and handling lost password problems. This part only applies to you if your business issues passwords for membership or download area.

The software program we use to create tutorials that lower customer support.

The simple program we use that generates templates at the touch of the keyboard. This program saves us a ton of repetitive typing. Best of all, it really works and is super easy to use. We give you screen shots that show you or your staff how to use it.

Here are just some of the things we use it for: email addresses web site addresses form letters (templates) letter introductions product names signature files filling out forms hard to remember passwords launching other programs, pre-written HTML code for page templates, inserting date and time.

Our procedure (including a copy of the email we use) to handle spam complaints. Any time you have resellers or associates, you are going to get spam complaints. This is how we handle it.

How to hunt down the identity of a spamming associate.

Our daily cash flow report. What it contains to give me a management overview of our business daily.

How we handle declined orders.

How to get live to-the-minute stats on your web site.

The online resources we use for link checking that automatically notify us if a link goes bad. This can save you time, trouble and lost revenue.

I want to make several things absolutely clear to you before you place your order:

1. Naturally, there will be things you have to adapt to your business. For example, we give illustrate email functions using Eudora. If you use Outlook, you can do the same things. But the procedures will be slightly different. We've tried to make it as generic as possible.

But what I'm trying to give you on a silver platter is OUR systems. You can take those, run with them and adapt them to your own. But it's about 1,000 times easier than startin' out without them.

2. If you're buying this to learn marketing ideas, buy The Amazing Formula. This product is NOT about marketing.

3. This product is mainly a training manual. It gives you a system for operating your business on a daily business. It is NOT about learning new things.

What it does do is present a complete, coherent system for managing your business that you and/or a customer service person can follow.

You know how important systems are in business. You need a system for managing the important aspects of your business. That's what the manual gives you.

It's the only manual in existence to my knowledge that gives in-depth, step-by-step procedures for operating a small-to-medium-sized web business.

Read that -- web businesses -- if you're a retail store, this isn't going to help you!

If you have millions in financing and a big staff, you probably don't need this product. It's designed for entrepreneurs with only a few customer support staff that wear a number of hats. Or, of course, if you run your business by yourself, it's a godsend.

What's your time worth?

You can reinvent the systems in this manual yourself. But then you still don't have a training manual for your staff. Why not use ours and customize it for your staff using our Gold Upgrade option?

That's a big time saver.

We've also developed methods that save us a lot of time and money. You can benefit from our work.

The product contains 15 chapters. When it prints out, it's around 50 pages. We've cut out all the filler and made it a 100% meat speed training manual.

The one thing this product is NOT about is how to hire your virtual workers. It's simple. You run an ad in a paper, post help wanted online and so forth.

Here's the price

The standard "Lisa Cloning" version is $102.95. This is a product that is delivered to you on an actual CD-ROM.

We have a Gold Upgrade option that allows you to customize the manual for your support staff. That is, we license to you the rights to make changes and allow up to 10 user access to your staff.

This does not give you the right to sell or distribute the manual with products. It is ONLY for the training of your own paid staff. We give you the html files and you can make changes as needed. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can compile your own PDF.

The Gold Upgrade Customization version is $500. That gives you the right to customize it for up to 10 staff people.

* This does not give you the rights to sell the product other than through my associate program where you make 50%. It is NOT reprint rights or anything like that.

* This does not give you the rights to free consulting. I charge $1,000 an hour for consulting.

* On the customization option, we do not customize the product for you. That is your job. We give you the html files.

* This product is delivered to you on CD-ROM. You just insert the CD into your computer and it opens automatically. From there you can read it while at your computer or you can print it out. If you buy the customization option, what you get is our html files and a license to customize for 10 people. If you want the customized version, call: 888-204-6141

It's easy to order the CD-ROM product.

Just click the order button below.

The Web Operations Manual on CD-ROM -- Only $102.95




P.S. If you're in another country you can order by credit card using the secure server link above. 

If you do not have a credit card or if you want to order by bank draft, write the words "Web Operations Manual" on a piece of paper and mail it to the address below. Please put the name or ID # of the person who referred you on a note with your check. And include your email address, so I can email you the download instructions.  Payment is due in US dollars for $112.90 INCLUDING shipping.  

Your CD will be mailed after we receive your payment. Make sure to include your mailing address along with your bank draft.

Make your bank draft out to: Higher Response Marketing, Inc.

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